Science-fiction, fantasy, and other stories

  • Halloween / Castles in the Air, part 2

    Hello To new readers and old, Happy Halloween and welcome to Tim Allen Stories! This post features Castles in the Air, Part 2 of 3, a novella set in a faux-medieval, “Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser”-style fantasy/English cozy-style mystery. In short, it’s a story with a bit of something for everyone.  (Introduction continues after Shortcuts)…

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  • Head Games / Castles in the Air, part 1

    Hello To new visitors to Tim Allen Stories, welcome. And to returning visitors, welcome back! In the afterword to my last post, I said that for this post I was thinking of doing a fantasy/mystery, and that the effort would take a while to complete.  Wow, what an understatement! (Introduction continues after Shortcuts) Shortcuts The…

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  • Other Stories / Glass Houses

    Hello In my last post, I said that the tag line for Tim Allen Stories is “Science-fiction, fantasy, and other stories,” and that this current post might feature an “other” story. Okay, that’s fine. But what, you might reasonably ask, is an other story? There are many types of stories besides science-fiction and fantasy, including…

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