Afterword for “Castles in the Air”, part 3

So there you have it, my idea of a faux-Medieval fantasy/English cozy-style mystery. By the way, Part 3 is 20 percent longer than planned, partly because the story demanded it, and partly because I was having so much fun inventing new scenes to illuminate the story. I hope you don’t mind my indulgences.

I might write an essay about the difficult process of rewriting Castles in the Air, but if I do I’m going to take my own sweet time. Meanwhile, if you’ve got an itch for some prose, look around Tim Allen Stories and find something interesting to read, or reread. And if you don’t find anything to your liking, try your local bookstore—especially the small, boutique, and mom-and-pop bookstores; they need your business—and find something interesting to read there. 

Or, if you’re so inclined, try writing a story of your own. Take it from me, it’s quite an experience.

— Tim Allen


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