Kevin worked all morning and afternoon trying to find a pattern in the pile of sticks, metal, and glass at his feet, but to no avail. He went over each fragment, trying to piece them together like a put-together puzzle; but the more he worked, the more it seemed like half the pieces of the puzzle were missing. He stood a chance of reconstructing it if he merely had a hint about what it was. But of course, the reason he was trying to reconstruct the debris in the first place, was to find out what it was. 

Kevin worked so assiduously through the day and afternoon, that Nimbus had to remind the Master of Enlightenment to take breaks and eat meals. Kevin did not notice evening fall, and by the time Nimbus dragged him away to attend the feast in his honor, a headache was throbbing behind Galwynn’s eyes, hunger was scratching the pit of his stomach, and hopelessness was eroding his spirit.

Kevin had forgotten about the dinner, and protested that he was too tired to be social. Aaron Nimbus countered, “I’m supposed to look out for your well being, and it’s clear to me that you need to stop what your doing and get something to eat.”

“But there’s so much to do,” Kevin protested, as he slumped onto a workbench.

“That’s what my troopers say, even when they’ve been on duty too long. But when they’re tired and hungry, they can’t do a good job. And Master Galwynn, if I may be so bold, neither can you.”

Kevin couldn’t help but think back on the hungry and sleep-deprived pageboys at Stargazers Tower he had fed not too long ago. Master Galwynn had told them the very same thing young Nimbus was telling him now. He would be a very foolish Master of Enlightenment, he thought to himself, if he didn’t take his own advice.

“Come along,” Aaron said while draping the older man’s cloak over his shoulders and leading him towards the door. “We’ll get you washed up and dressed for dinner. Then you can eat a lot, drink a little, talk not at all, and then sleep soundly.”

“Ah,” Kevin said wistfully, “how wonderful it would be to not have to make small talk all night long.” Nimbus led Galwynn out of the storeroom and bade the sentries guard its contents well. “But how can I avoid talking at my own welcoming dinner?” asked Galwynn.

Nimbus scoffed. “Oh, I doubt you’ll have to worry about saying anything, Master Galwynn,” answered the lieutenant. “Duke Northstorm will be at the feast too, and he’ll probably talk enough for everyone!”

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