Foreword for “Castles in the Air”, Part 2

In Part 1, the Kings of the Domain of Land, and the Domain of Sky, parlayed to create a plan to avert a prophecy that declared both Domains, “Doomed! Doomed! Doomed!” 

The cause of the prophecy is that one of the stars in Heaven has gone missing. The stars are actually the offspring of the Sky Domain’s god and goddess, Emperor Sun and Empress Moon. And now that their star-child is missing, the distraught Sun and Moon are prophesied to hold both Domains accountable, and to take out their parental wrath on the folk of Land and Sky.

To investigate and try to solve this problem, the King of Land loaned his most learned and capable expert to the King of Sky. The expert is the King’s own Master of Enlightenment, Kevin Galwynn.

Kevin dutifully accepts his King’s assignment, but he isn’t happy about it. For the sake of love, he doesn’t want to be parted from his extraordinary wife and children. And for sake of his own strongly held beliefs, he doesn’t want to go on any mission that has the slightest chance of becoming an adventure. Kevin hates adventures.

Despite Galwynn’s misgivings, he is gifted with a magic talisman that is his passport to the Domain of Sky. He is also assigned a combined bodyguard and assistant who is pledged to help Galwynn as necessary.

Thus prepared, Master Kevin Galwynn joins the Sky King’s entourage, and together they head off to solve the mystery of the missing star, and to save two worlds. 

I hope you enjoy, Castles in the Air, Part 2.

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