To new readers and old, Happy Halloween and welcome to Tim Allen Stories! This post features Castles in the Air, Part 2 of 3, a novella set in a faux-medieval, “Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser”-style fantasy/English cozy-style mystery. In short, it’s a story with a bit of something for everyone. 

(Introduction continues after Shortcuts)


At this point I usually reflect on the process of writing the current post. Frankly, this post was both harder and easier to finish than I expected. The easy part was that I didn’t have to start from scratch because this novella is an update of one of my old stories. 

The hard part is that I should never have expected to write an update of an old story without being tempted to go off on interesting tangents. The “tangent” sections are few and seem necessary, but they took a long time to finish. (Not to mention the chores of daily living delaying things.)

All the same, I worked very hard to finish by an arbitrary deadline, apropos of nothing, of Halloween. However, I’ll save any insights gained from writing those tangents for a future post.

Let’s get on with today’s story.


Maybe there really is something spooky about…(shudder!)…Halloween. This post was originally published 10/31/2023. You might have seen it then if you subscribe. 

This post should have been automatically backed-up Halloween night by my database provider. However, something went wrong and the entire post and backup disappeared! I’ve spent the last few days working with my database provider to restore the missing files and recreate this post. 

Hopefully, the ghosts won’t make this re-post…vanish.


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