Welcome back to Tim Allen Stories. I hope you and yours enjoyed the holiday break!

In my last post, Ornaments: Butler & Mouse / Gray & Santa Claus, in the foreword to the story, “Coca-Cola Santa Claus,” I related how author Spalding Gray referred to his recalcitrant unfinished novel as a “Monster in a Box.” I also said I suspected Gray wasn’t much different from any other author who has been writing for years: We all have a metaphorical, or perhaps real, box of unfinished or unpublished stories. Today, I’m posting one of my “monsters.”

The slug line for Tim Allen Stories says, “Science-fiction, fantasy, and other stories.” So far, I’ve posted a lot of science-fiction. Consequently, I’m changing things up and posting a fantasy—sort of.

I’ll explain what I mean, and the source of my ambivalence, in the foreword to “Peter Pan.”


As the need arises, I’ll occasionally include a “Backstage” section to announce changes to this website that might affect your reading experience.

After my last post, an old friend left a comment just to say, “Hello.” What a delight to hear from him! My friend is an immensely talented and inspiring published author, who regrettably doesn’t do much writing nowadays because he’s too busy pursuing other projects. 

However, my friend mentioned he still had trouble quickly finding my old posts. For that reason, I’ve added a permanent “Shortcuts” section to my introduction. I’ll keep an eye out to see if that solves the discovery problem.

Up until now I’ve been trying to keep the cadence of my posts to about once a month. But the time it took to prepare my last post proved to me that I need to slow my cadence to about once every two or more months. 

The primary reason for slowing down the pace of my posts is to allow me time to write new stories. Everything I’ve posted so far has been sitting in completed form in my “trunk” of stories. From here on, I’ll need to transcribe print outs of old stories to electronic form; and/or edit old stories for modern times; or write new stories.

No matter how you look at it, I’m going to need more time to prepare posts.

In addition to my writing environment changing, my personal commitments are evolving. I’ve all but completed a years-long family project, which means I should have more time to myself. However, the disruption and isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic is nearly over, which means we all should devote more time to putting our lives back in order and setting new goals.

Time is literally of the essence.


Try Gene Ambaum’s Library Comic, a web comic about… libraries. Gene and a cadre of his favorite artists, such as Willow Payne (see the “About” page on his site), publish a daily, humorous web comic that is ostensibly about libraries, but is as much about human nature as anything else.

Trust me. Try it. Have a laugh. Maybe discover a new book or some amazing merchandise. Check out Library Comic.

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Tell your friends about it!
Then make new friends, and tell them!

Moebius Theater (paraphrased)


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