You’ve been gracious enough to read four very long stories so far, so I’m giving you a rest and posting a very short story. 

I contend that a writer’s life can benefit from being part of a writing community, such as a writers’ group. I’ve been fortunate to have been in many supportive writing groups over the years, including Moebius Theater, Writers’ Cramp, The Couth Buzzard gang, the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, Savery 145, and Frank’s Group. This story was initiated as part of a challenge from The Couth Buzzard to write a complete story in 20 minutes, and was refined to its final form as part of a challenge from the group that eventually became Savery 145. 

I like this story for a lot of reasons, but I also have regrets that relate to the story’s literary influences. I won’t foreshadow those influences as I usually do, but after you’ve read the story, feel free to guess.

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